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About Us

Our company name comes from Pétanque, the French game of boules. The name was chosen because the game is a great analogy for business: it takes skill and strategy to play well and win. Just like in business. But, it’s also fun, as business is meant to be.
The “NXT” part of our name is about what is next, what you’re moving towards. But the letters also represent a story in itself. “N” is for Now. “T” is for Tomorrow. “X” is what happens in between. We’re the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow.
Because that is what our business is: TRANSITION MANAGEMENT.
It’s about change. Moving from one place, one market position, one way of doing to another.
Change in itself isn’t that difficult. What IS difficult though, is making change stick. And that is what we do. We’re CHANGE MAKERS.

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ChangeMakers: Delivering Change | Making Change Stick through Process, People & Technology

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