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How to buy from us


Let's connect
PNXT Buyers Journey
25-min call


Connect with us so that we can setup a meeting to assess your needs.


In a 15-20 minute session, you share your basic needs. We may then proceed to a Business X-Ray or straight to a Special Quote (SQ).


In a 90-minute session, we unpack the value chain of your business and identify exactly which areas need improvement with a set of prioritized activities to make that improvement happen. 


Now with an in-depth understanding of your business and needs, we can prepare a special quote for you to review & accept. We'll set up a meeting to run through the proposal with you. 


If you have accepted the proposal we will then email you a contract for signing, and upon signing we will issue an invoice to secure the resource, schedule the kick-off session and start the work.

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