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Stay Relevant: Innovate $ Price Right

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NeuroPricing Workshop:
The Science Behind the "Buying" Brain


Can the way you style your pricing affect sales?

This workshop unpacks the extraordinary, stage and sometimes weird links our brains make when considering the price of your service or product offering.

Including the left digit effect, precision pricing vs charm pricing, the mystical power of 9, the magical middle, package pricing and decoy pricing - everything you need to know to grow your bottom line through price styling.

Pétanque NXT is excited to bring you the next workshop in our series -  NeuroPricing a game changing 70 minute workshop l in collaboration with NeuroMarketing expert, Colleen Backström.

What can you expect?

ProThink NPD > 5Myths about pricing you need to debunk for your pricing strategy. Price optimisation is key to a better, faster, easier NPD, implementation.

ProThink NeuroMarketing > The Science Behind The Buying Brain

The extraordinary, strange and sometimes weird links our brains make when considering your product offering. How do we choose, what drives our choices, why do we say yes?



Date: 20 October 2021

Time: 17:00 (SAST/CET) 11:00 (EDT)

Look out for our series on New Product Development
and how to sell in the new world of NeuroMarketing.

ProThink Workshop 2 | NPD Process and NeuroPricing
Do you know how to stay relevant? What if you had complete confidence to innovate your product? Avoid the mistakes and have the scientific edge getting to market!

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