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Before we get going, a word on why we are asking you to join a Yacht Club. Well, it is not a literal Yacht Club but a metaphor: the world nowadays changes so rapidly that the business environment can be compared to the ocean and your business to a yacht sailing on this ocean and so we use this metaphor of a Yacht Club to speak of opportunities that we create to network and share information.


Signing up as a VIP Virtual Yacht Club, renders:

⚓ Invitation to quarterly small-group Wonder and Wine virtual cruises (on Zoom) with
    - Curated discussions with topic experts
    - Early access to market insights
    - Networking
⚓ First to market Beta testing
⚓ Focus group access to test an idea or product, sound-boarding with Yacht Club peers
⚓ VIP pricing for our products and services
⚓ Preferential service


​Sail with us and unleash your true abundance.​

Wonder & Wine yacht


Yes, I want to join!
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