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Pétanque NXT Global leaders in making change stick

Making sure your software solution is part of your customer's DNA

WHY? Around 70% of software projects fail because there is a disproportionate focus on the technical aspects of the solution. If we know this, why does having a customer success team or implementation team still not lead to software solutions achieving the long term benefits they should?

Imagine guaranteed, near seamless, adoption of your software solution by your customer’s entire user base resulting in a long-term, loyal customer… with every customer. No more high-churn in your customer base but rather increased stable annual growth in revenue with less marketing effort.

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Who Are We

At Pétanque NXT, we are implementation experts. We have developed a globally award-winning methodology for making change stick.

STEP 1: We engage with the customer’s users and managers to map how they currently run the process that will be affected by your software solution. We start to prime them for the need to change to your solution and more often than not the users suggest making changes to the process that your solution will bring about


STEP 2: We again engage the users to map the solution, i.e., how the process will work, using the changes they have suggested and incorporating your solution. NB: you now have an agreed scope of work and the customer has an agreed standard operating process with the new software solution as a core part of their way of working


STEP 3: Your implementation or customer success team takes over and implements the solution. OR we can do the implementation for you if you need the extra capacity


WHAT your customer gets: CONFIDENCE that the solution will be adopted, that all staff are on the same page AND CLARITY on how the system will work in their new process.

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What our clients say

"The Pétanque NXT consulting team is top notch. They quickly understood both my client's business and how to apply the reThink Trust Method to drive deeper customer trust through sound privacy management. In fact, they performed so well that they are my go-to team for privacy management and compliance implementations."

Nalini Kaplan

Founder & CEO - reThink Trust

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