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Lead with confidence

We provide business leaders with the clarity to implement necessary changes swiftly and effectively.   

In solving complex challenges that you face, such as opportunities, risks, vulnerabilities, performance demands, automation needs, regulatory compliance, technological transitions, role clarity, and ESG integration, we bring clarity by means of co-creating solutions in storyboards, roadmaps and milestones AND deliver results through co-implementation. 

With this clarity, you gain the confidence to lead their organizations through successful transformation. With the right insights and strategies, businesses can thrive in the ever-evolving world. Change is not a challenge - but an opportunity for growth and success.


In short: Clarity builds confidence for change with results.

“What's great about Pétanque is that it has a team made of creators and doers.

That mix ensures both the science and the art of project management excellence is

integrated into their projects.” 

Susan Ritter, Wealthy Wise Women 



Client assessed the impact of Web3 tech advancement including blockchain, AI and automation in their end-to-end supply chain. Through online workshops with senior  management, we discovered the processes that contribute to the current supply chain, mapped the end-to-end supply chain and agreed the areas where Web3 tech could save cost, time and gain customer loyalty. The to-be process reduces lag times, improves product quality and clarifies roles and responsibilities for a small team who delivers within strict regulatory standards for a rapidly growing market.  

“They are dynamic; I would have no problem referring them."

Global Petrochemical 


Types of projects we deliver:

  • AML software implementation, training and support 

  • Data privacy de-risking, portfolio of evidence build, software installation, training and support 

  • Diversity integration project management 

  • ERP implementation project and programme management 

  • M&A process standardisation, systems integration, change management,  training 

  • Organisational and functional design where structure follows strategy 

  • Performance management and dashboards build

  • PMO set-up and management 

  • Process automation 

  • Process analysis & improvement 

  • Project, programme, portfolio management 

  • Renewable energy as cost saver implementation 

  • Roles and responsibilities definition and change implementation 

  • Strategy development, alignment and implementation 

  • Transition to Web3 technologies process design, development and implementation management


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“Very cost-effective solution delivered in the committed time period. Other suppliers recommended

a much costlier phased approach over a longer time."

Public Sector Director


Our Clients

We have co-created solutions with a wide range of clients over the years, including:


Fortune 500 companies


Venture Capitalists


Non-profit organizations

Government agencies

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Our Clients

"Beyond expectation, brilliant work indeed. Thanks a lot."

Leading retail company

“I can't believe how much we covered in a relatively short time, and greatly appreciate your generous contribution to our organisation's strategic development. We'll certainly keep you updated on our progress; you've given us a lot of food for thought, and we're already translating our plan into budgets and funding proposals."

Joy, Ikamva Youth

ChangeMakers: Delivering Change | Making Change Stick through Process, People & Technology


Services and products are tailored to deliver clarity, confidence and results.

These services include:

  • Change management

  • Compliance management including Data Privacy and AML

  • Innovation management

  • Integration management

  • Performance management

  • Process, people and tech transition from web2 to web3

  • Process mapping, analysis, improvement

  • Process standardisation

  • Project, programme, portfolio and PMO management

  • Strategy design, documentation, communication, tracking and reporting


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Strategy and road-mapping tool


NFT Minting Tool

Business X-Ray

Process discovery tool

Data privacy management software


Blockchain Certification tool

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Process Mapping tool

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