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To be the best in the world at providing clarity on business opportunities and challenges

Looking ahead


By creating abundance in businesses we reduce poverty, improve education and create opportunities for diversity.

For us, an enterprise is a tool for growth, on a global scale. A successful enterprise provides services, products, employment & shareholder value. In turn, they build micro-economies where families have income, there is food, children learn, there is connectivity and transport, animals are cared for and life is good. Successful, ethical, socially and environmentally aware enterprises bring progress. And conversely, when enterprises fail, are unethical, and not aware, progress regresses.

That is why we do what we do. We give enterprises clarity, creating progress, first within ourselves and then one business at a time with the bigger goal of eradicating poverty and providing opportunity.

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Our company name comes from Pétanque, the French game of boules. The name was chosen because the game is a great analogy for business: it takes skill and strategy to play well and win. Just like in business. But, it’s also fun, as business is meant to be.
The “NXT” part of our name is about what is next, what you’re moving towards. But the letters also represent a story in itself. “N” is for Now. “T” is for Tomorrow. “X” is what happens in between. We’re the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow.
Because that is what our business is: BRINGING CLARITY.
It’s about clearly defining what must happen. How to move from one place, one market position, one way of doing to another.
Change in itself isn’t that difficult. What IS difficult though, is making change stick. And that is what we do by providing clarity. We’re CHANGE MAKERS.

ESG Impact



We adopt sustainable business practices reducing unnecessary travel, unnecessary use of office space & investments in renewable energy. Through these initiatives, we have offset 10 918 kg of CO2 since we started measuring in April 2023.


Our membership to Your Global Village business community enables us to translate our engagement and village contribution into improvement in the quality of life in several global settings, like the nature conservancy of Orangutan conservancy in Borneo or transforming plastic waste into modular building bricks to build schools in Indonesia.

We believe in making a positive impact not only in the business world but also in the communities and environments we operate in. As part of our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, we've been proudly supporting animal welfare organizations for over two decades. Our dedication to animal welfare stems from a genuine care for the well-being of all living creatures. We understand the importance of safeguarding and advocating for the rights and welfare of animals.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, embodying our dedication to equal opportunity employment by welcoming and valuing individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life."


Our governance structure is designed to ensure ethical decision-making, accountability, and transparency.

In managing the business we have the following key structures:

  • Strategy & risk committee

  • Finance committee

  • Operations committee

  • Marketing & related strategy committee

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