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Process mapping


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Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Achieve strategic goals

Not achieving strategic goals


Not achieving revenue or cost efficiency targets

Company growth

Below industry average company growth

Clear roles and responsibilities

Lack of clear roles and responsibilities

Formal processes

The perception that the company doesn't have formal processes

If so, then you need process mapping


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Vague focus brings vague results.

Insights empower teams.

Empowered teams make better decisions, with more focus.

Our methodology gets your teams to share the same laser focus of how your current process works (the "as-is process").

The power of insight is simplification


The power of insight is simplification. And that is the path to success.


Your people know what "good" looks like. We ask questions, debate issues and consolidate thoughts to get a single view of the best possible "to-be" process.



We map with images which makes process make sense to everyone


We map with images, which makes process make sense to everyone.

Visual data is processed

60000 times faster by the brain than text.

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Why use process mapping

How do we do this?

Find the gaps in the status quo

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Telling the story of exactly how something works, with pictures. That is VizPro Visual Process Map. It is an image-rich storyboard that defines and unpacks the details of a process. Describing your process is describing your reality, knowing who needs to do what, when and how. 

Unpack the processes that need to change

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Business Destination Map®

An image-rich storyboard of your goals, and what needs to happen to attain them. Without good execution, strategy is only a plan, an intention. Developing a strategy is easy. Executing it is the problem.​

BRIDGE the Strategy-to-Execution gap with a Business Destination Map®.


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Business X-Ray

Short on time? Skip the BDM® and do a Business X-Ray:  In only 90 minutes unpack the value chain of your business and identify exactly which areas need improvement with a set of prioritized activities to make that improvement happen.


25-min call
The Process

What our clients say

"The VizPro workshops have contributed to performance improvement, which is based on a common understanding of what each person does or should do, in order to achieve our strategic goals."

The Value of Storyboards

The value of storyboards
The value of storyboards
The value of storyboards
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Case study

Case Study

Case study: the challenge

The Challenge

  • The company was growing rapidly with staff based across continents

  • Process know-how was in the heads of a small group of subject matter experts

  • New staff members needed to be onboarded rapidly in “our way” of doing things

  • Teams needed to align on hand-over and sign-off controls

  • Needed to standardise processes across regions

Case study: what we did

What we did

  • Held a workshop with senior management to map the value-chain, identified process areas to be mapped

  • Conducted a series of process storyboarding workshops to document process, introduce controls and standards

  • Created a framework showing all critical elements of the operations, from client prospecting to delivery and service

Case study: the outcome

The Outcome

  • The client facing operational processes were documented in storyboard format using VizPro®

  • Aligned on standards, inputs, outputs and sign-off points in processes

  • Clearly articulating hand-offs between processes

  • A framework, supported by detail process storyboard of the client facing operations enabling quick onboarding for new staff and setting clear standards for all to follow – all picture based without lengthy documents to read!


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Visual Strategy Explained
This is how we make things happen faster in your business.

Developing a Visual Strategy 
One size for all doesn't work in business. That is why you have options when it comes to the BDM®. Choose what you need to move you to the next level. 

Developing Strategy - Visually
The BDM® is THE cutting edge in planning - it gives you an image-rich depiction of your vision and how to get there, in a storyboard style format. The BDM® is your plan, coming to life.

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Business X-Ray

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Single process map

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