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Image by Akram Huseyn

Save time:

Because blockchain is a trust-less system,  transactions (non-financial and financial) can be processed quicker with fewer validations throughout the process​.

Image by Elisa Ventur

Reduce hassle:

Fewer parties involved in transactions, less auditing needed and quicker access to critical information​.


Eliminate confusion:

A single source of truth with irrefutable evidence of who took what action and complete confidence that only the right people take the actions they are required to take​.



How do we do this?

Using our ChangeMaker℠ programme and globally award-winning VizPro process mapping methodology we unpack your current business, identify suitable areas for blockchain and then map out the as-is and to-be (with blockchain) processes. Using the process map as the guideline we then implement blockchain to spec in your business.​​

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We start with a blank positioning map and unpack the value chain of your business, connected processes and sub-processes as well as supporting processes.

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Once we are done you have a clear idea of where the burning points and risks in the business are as well as which processes are the best candidates for blockchain or other automation.
From there we map out your as-is process and identify the changes that need to be made to incorporate blockchain and necessary automation.

The next images show (at the top) a fully mapped-out process for events management. This process was analysed and the areas in green were highlighted as ideal steps in the processes to be automated.

The bottom of the image shows how each section of the process was then condensed into a single step by applying blockchain as a single source of truth, smart contracts and a few other automations.

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What our clients say

"I have never seen anything like this that bridges the gap between technology, Blockchain and what people understand."


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