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10:00 (MDT) | 12:00 (EDT)

17:00 (CET) | 18:00 (SAST)

Our proven methodology has been deployed by our team of compliance experts across multiple clients from global conglomerates to mid-sized enterprises. We make sure your compliance is simple and sorted.

We replace your spreadsheets with a Software as a Service solution that provides you with a dashboard of your compliance status, across divisions, and legislation.​​

During this webinar, we'll delve into an insightful exploration of crucial topics, including:

1. Understanding the Current Landscape of Data Privacy Laws: Gain comprehensive insights into the current state and emerging trends of data privacy regulations. Stay abreast of the latest developments shaping the legal landscape and learn how they impact businesses and individuals alike.

2. Dispelling Myths Surrounding State Laws: Uncover and debunk common misconceptions surrounding state-specific data privacy laws. Through expert analysis and discussion, you'll gain a clear understanding of the nuances and intricacies of these regulations.

3. Navigating Compliance with Multiple Laws: Explore practical strategies and best practices for navigating the complexities of complying with multiple data privacy laws. Dive into the reThinking Trust Privacy Programme, a comprehensive framework designed to help businesses effectively manage and adhere to diverse regulatory requirements.

4. Exploring Outcomes & Benefits of Data Privacy Compliance: Discover the tangible outcomes and invaluable benefits that come with achieving robust data privacy compliance. From bolstering customer trust and loyalty to mitigating risks and enhancing operational efficiency, you'll uncover the multitude of advantages that stem from prioritizing data privacy.


This webinar is essential for individuals across various roles and responsibilities within organizations:

  • Data Privacy Officers

  • Compliance Managers

  • Legal Counsel

  • Business Owners/Managers

  • IT and Security Professionals

  • Risk Management Professionals

  • Anyone Interested in Data Privacy

Attendees will benefit from gaining insights and practical strategies to simplify and enhance data privacy compliance efforts, thereby gaining a competitive edge in today's regulatory landscape.


Meet Our Speakers

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Vincent Labuschagne is a Pétanque NXT Board Director and holds a BCom in Accounting, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, and certifications in Agile Project Management, Lean Management, Consumer Protection, ITIL, RPA, Performance Coaching, Property Asset Management and Commercial Law. He has over a decade of experience at C-Suite/Director level with nine of those years spent in project management and implementation of multi-divisional digital transformation projects. Vincent has built the operations of two multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up developing expertise in orchestrating and optimizing systems and processes in business operations.​

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Nalini Kaplan, founder of reThink Trust™ and creator of DataProtection Dynamix™, is a pioneering force in revolutionizing how businesses approach information security and privacy. She has over two decades of experience driving $2 billion in revenues through customer strategies and organizational change management. Through reThink Trust, Nalini and her team empower clients to demonstrate a visible commitment to data privacy, maintain real-time control of data and systems, and establish trustworthy connections with customers and stakeholders.

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