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Business X-Ray

Short on time? Skip the BDM® and do a Business X-Ray:  In only 90 minutes unpack the value chain of your business and identify exactly which areas need improvement with a set of prioritized activities to make that improvement happen.

We use the lens that you need when doing a Business X-Ray. Meaning: we look at your business from, for example, a data perspective, or from a compliance standpoint or from an efficiency viewpoint, etc.


What does a Business X-Ray look like?

Business X-Ray
BPM Example

What makes this different?

Seeing how things get done in your enterprise is more effective than reading about it. People only remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read, but about 80% of what they see and do. A visual depiction of your process reality creates an instant common understanding that bridges language, cultural and perception gaps. Our Process Maps ensure that everyone is on the same page, literally. 

A Business X-Ray is different from an Enterprise Architecture diagram in that we visually represent the focus areas and your team immediately walks away knowing which areas to focus their efforts on improving.

What makes it different

How can I use the map?

Find gaps in business operations

Identify & eliminate strategic bottlenecks

Start creating a continuous improvement culture

Define a roadmap of improvement projects

Get a birds-eye view of risk areas and burning issues in the business

Find gaps in a process

Train new employees

Create minimum standards

Search for cost-saving opportunities by eliminating waste & duplication

Highlight risks and see where KPIs are needed

Business improvement by starting with the current reality, then enhancing it

Manage the rollout of your strategy

Share your vision with your team

Get clear on the processes you need

Understand what resources you require

Clearly explain your plans to obtain investment funding

Show stakeholders your progress against the plan


Process Mapping Products

Business Destination Map®

  • $9 000

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your needs

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Business X-Ray

  • $2 000

Book a free 15-minute session to assess

your needs

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Single process map

  • $2 000

Book a free 15-minute session to assess

your needs

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