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Are you struggling
to make change stick?

Creating change that sticks can be difficult without the right process. In this five-step guide you will learn the exact process to implement successful and impactful high-value strategic change without resistance from your team, confusion or wasting time.

ChangeMaker guide

This guide reveals:


How to use this proven strategic project management system to get a 30% ROI on the next project you undertake in the next 90 days.  


5 powerful steps to build solid project delivery plan that works. Go through and audit your current projects  and make any improvements you need to.


7 page free download (PDF - 3.0 MB). Download the PDF and follow the proven steps.

*100% free guide – no obligation required!

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Your Change Maker experts

Michélle Booysen

Pétanque NXT was founded in 2002 by Dr. Michélle Booysen and MJ Fick, and as a women owned business, expanded to a Group of Companies with offices in both the Netherlands and South Africa - Fully involved from your Strategy to your Change management, our services also include Blockchain application development and NX.TCert, a unique open virtual blockchain intern marketplace and verification platform.

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