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Our Story

Pétanque is the lesser-known game of boules.

Not everyone plays it. 

But we do.

It requires a team of skilled, agile and thoughtful players.

And we are.

The boule creates flow, continuity, speed and impact.

And that is what we deliver.

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White Sands


The business was founded in 2002 by Dr Michélle Booysen and MJ Fick, and as a women owned business, expanded to a Group of companies with offices in South Africa and the Netherlands.


Our purpose is to make a difference and reduce poverty.  For us an enterprise is a tool for growth, on a global scale.  A successful enterprise provides services, products and employment.  In turn they build micro-economies where families have income, there is food, children learn, there is connectivity and transport, animals are cared for and life is good. Successful, ethical, socially and environmental awareness enterprises bring progress. And conversely, when enterprises fail, are unethical, and not aware, progress regresses.


That is why we do what we do. We build economies and progress, one business at a time with the bigger goal of eradicating poverty and providing opportunity.


We do this by being a partner in practical business and digital transformation to our clients.   Starting with processes, we achieve business goals through effective smart tech, change management and results tracking.  And we have been doing so for 20 years

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