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Do you have:


Complex processes

No single source of truth

Spreadsheets everywhere

Poor personal data inventory

A lack of understanding data privacy risk

No clear strategy on compliance

Lack the capacity in your business to support proper compliance

We have the solution for you

The process

The Pétanque NXT GDPR/PoPIA process

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About our SaaS tool

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EUGDPR (app) – English, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese

EUGDPR (privacy notice and DSAR link) – the above, and German, French, Italian, Spanish)


LGPD (app) – English, Portuguese (Brazilian)

KVKK (privacy notice and DSAR link) – English, Turkish

SaaS Tool

What our clients say


The Challenge

  • With privacy now being a statutory requirement, our client had to assess its people, processed and system to establish what needed to be done to adhere to PoPIA regulations

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What we did

  • Ran a pilot to test the methodology in a high risk area

  • This methodology was then applied to a larger division

  • Training provided to PoPIA Gap Analysis team

  • Then focused on the implementation of the identified mitigations

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The Outcome

  • Successful implementation of a methodology that identifies PoPIA risks

  • Understand and manage their privacy related risks

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The client said...

  • "Thank you for showing me that there actually can be light at the end of a dark, long tunnel again. I feel enlightened in so many ways".


Case Study


GDPR/PoPIA Webinar

Explaining GDPR/PoPIA

GDPR/PoPIA Misconceptions

GDPR/PoPIA - Fact or Fallacy

GDPR/PoPIA Fundamentals

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Book a call

Compliance Products

Option 1: Do it for you & support

  • Everything in Option 2 and

  • We do most of the work

Book a free 30-min session to assess your compliance status

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Option 2: Do it with you

  • Everything in Option 1 and

  • You provide project management 

  • We provide expert guidance and support

  • We do a detailed mapping of your five highest risk processes 

Book a free 30-min session to assess your compliance status

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Option 3: Do it yourself

  • SaaS compliance software

  • Software training

  • Introductory training to data privacy

Book a free 30-min session to assess your compliance status

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Proudly partnering with reThink Trust to bring Data Privacy Compliance to our USA clients

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