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Looking back over April 2023

We celebrate Red Sock Friday every Friday, and we were reminded of the Origins for that: by wearing red socks on a Friday we are connecting, remembering, and celebrating a friendship and in that way being together no matter where we are in the world.

Our LinkedIn campaign continues with regular postings from Dr. M, Vincent, and Carina.

On 21 April, we had a Fireside chat, ‘The Pétanque NXT Roadmap follow up”.

We hosted a Wonder and Wine event on the 19th of April alongside our guest presenter Kim Hodgson: “Is Blockchain mainstream ready for business analytics”. A very informative and interactive session.

PetanqueNXT was the case study at the YGV "Colour Psychology and the Metaverse”. A session with a great topic and impact. Dr M and MJ are having a follow-up session with Mark Wentworth who presented the session.

YGV Speed Collaborations highlighted Petanque NXT. There were many ideas and opportunities for connections, introductions and collaborations shared by the YGV residents.

Dr. M, while recovering from COVID, broke her foot. She has been making use of a medical walking boot and has a pair of crutches to assist with movement. We are pleased to hear that the healing is taking place as it should!

On the 29th of April, Dr. M flew to the Netherlands – Bon Voyage Dr. M!

Ktlank Ktlank!!!!

Well done to Annerie for securing AML project extension beyond 2023 - with increased scope and hours! A great victory for the impactful work that you do day in and out, Annerie. Our clients can't stop praising you! Keep on shining your light and always delivering value.

As well as a Pilot Business X-ray project for a global engineering company in their PMO, partnering with an ex-TenStep colleague in the Netherlands. Dr. M to engage.

Brand new Belgian client secured for process work. Well done on nurturing the client Carina from our e-mail campaign, Vincent for engaging and Dr M for closing. Starts mid-May.

And now for the Team News:

Jeanne: The new CEO of Santam is keeping our team on our toes regarding the development of the data strategy. So, our days are long but quite fulfilling. This journey also led us to cross paths with one of the most respected names in the data space, Dr. Peter Aiken, who is the nicest and most helpful. I’m looking forward to more encounters like this.

It’s also a shock to the system to go to the office once a week! But, the people are nice and it is quite nice to meet my colleagues face to face.

Annerie: April has been a rather un-eventful month on the work front. I continue to offer support to SEM on their Risk Solution Software whilst patiently waiting for our project with LN to kick off. The surprise announcement at Steerco, of my contract being extended was most welcome and the management team's acknowledgement of the value I add to the team was motivating.

On the family, home and farm front, it's been a bit more challenging, but it is in times of challenge that I am reminded how blessed I am and so, we face every challenge head-on, standing in the knowledge that HE who is in me is greater than he who is in the world!

Bring on winter... we are ready!

Dr M: April came and went almost too quietly. Quiet, but busy. I got ready to leave for Europe twice! We progressed on our e-campaigns, connected well through LinkedIn and began tracking our Q2 performance against a fresh vision statement. It was a significant month for change in season and many personal and business elements. May should see good results from the busy April.

Abby: April is my birthday month so always a special one, and this one was extra special as I celebrated my 30th birthday. It was amazing to catch up with some old friends and celebrate my birthday week with friends and family, feeling very loved. We also enjoyed a wonderful annual Easter weekend camping trip in Dwarskersbos with friends who have become family over the years. On the work front, things have been quite busy and productive even with all the public holidays. I am looking forward to May being even more productive as we say hello to 5-day weeks again!

Moira: It’s been a busy month with meetings and the Wonder and Wine event which we hosted as well as getting ready for the next events which we have in the calendar.

We’ve had some good engagement at Virtual Coffee – must admit to enjoying these sessions, never sure where the conversation will lead to!!

On the home front, a road trip from PE to George and some good hiking done – Oppelskop, La Motte and Kalk Bay Peak.

Started reading Riaan Manser’s “Around Africa on my Bike”. Not sure I would be up for this myself, but interesting reading!

Carina: There is just one way to describe April: “Insane”!

Most of the month revolved around Sanlam CURA migration and templates. The many public holidays were much needed to reload batteries, but also quite disruptive when one has a lot on the plate.

Lexis Nexis projects are becoming a reality bit by bit, with some meetings held this month.

Unfortunately, Annerie and I did not get any time to spend on simulated configurations, but hopefully, this can move ahead as well as the training that we hope will happen soon.

I did not have the time to continue with further AML LinkedIn posts and hope to start again in May with postings.

I am keeping to my habit to write down 2 things I am grateful for each day. One of these things is the brilliance of the team I work with and the amazing support from colleagues. Thank you to all that bear with me.

MJ: I concluded the Masana project with maybe 1 process to follow later. I'm now working with The Source, an events company to help them improve their use of Microsoft365. It is fun and, in the process, I'm also learning a thing or 2.

Did you know that you can now chat with yourself in Teams? 🤔

I’m also still working on revamping the VizPro Body of Information (VBI) which Michélle developed in 2007/2008. I'm through the 400+ page manual once and busy with my second round...

Michélle this just confirms to me that you are a MACHINE!

Marlene: Busy with Magnascape and Cartology's PRIVIQ. The Source is only going ahead again in May where I will be assisting them with basic POPIA training for their staff every second week for 1 month.

Ingrid: No news for the month.

Tanya: In April we had 2 amazing shows that we went to. The first one was Kip Moore and the 2nd one was Monster Jam, and it was a big surprise for the girls. The happiness we got to see on their faces when they found out we have tickets because it was a big surprise for them, is priceless.

In Pétanque, the finance department managed all income and expenses as normal.

Vincent: Currently on leave – watch this space next month!

Justin: I had a great meeting with Egbert Fouche, Head: Risk & Compliance for Sanlam Emerging Markets. Discussed increased scope of work on CURA AND AML projects and the future role that PNXT Africa will play into 2024 and beyond.

Also, hosted Vito and Keme Rugani, for supper on the 22nd of April. They are the founders of Rugani Carrots Greenway Farms.

We also met with the Lexis Nexis team and their client to discuss potential consulting opportunities. YES, it's been a very slow start. But definitely a good step in the right direction.

Snapshot of us doing the SEM deal with the Chief Risk Officer SEM - sitting in Morocco

We collaborated with the ChangeMakersHub to build eco-bricks for Earth Day. Planning on building an eco-bench!

Peeping into May

We have, amongst others:

1 May: International Workers' Day

May 8: No Socks Day

May 10 (second Wednesday in May): Root Canal Appreciation Day

May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

The word May wasn’t used until the Middle Ages were on their way out, around the 15th Century AD. Up until then, the Roman word Maius was still used.

There’s the Cornish superstition that buying a new broom in May is unlucky. Oh, and apparently, you shouldn’t wash any blankets either!

The Empire State Building opened its doors on May 1, 1931.

Many famous people were born in May, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Karl Marx, Clint Eastwood, Wes Anderson, John F. Kennedy, Queen Victoria, and Catherine the Great!

And in South Africa, after 1 May we are back to that 5-day week, our next 4-day week is only coming up in June!

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