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Looking back over May 2023

We continue to post three times a week on LinkedIn – look at these stats:

  • Petanque NXT LinkedIn company page followers increased by 48 people.

  • Michelle has gained 65 new followers.

  • A post by Michelle on Synchronicity received an amazing 915 impressions with companies like Sanlam, Eskom & Anglo American viewing the post.

The Water Fountain and Virtual Coffee sessions are scheduled on a Wednesday morning – it’s business first and then coffee!

We hosted a Wonder and Wine with our guest presenter Nalini Kaplan “ I to make data privacy a competitive advantage” – this session epitomizes the ideal Wonder and Wine – small intimate gathering, sharing ideas and information. Well done to the team!

Well done to Dr. M for completing the Growth Marketing course.

Ktlank Ktlank!!!!

New UK client requiring scale-up support for one year, sourced via YourGlobalVillage, commencing in July with Dr M working the project.

And now for the Team News:

Jeanne: Starting at Santam when lockdown was already in effect, meant I didn’t meet anyone F2F for 3 years.

Since going to the office, I’ve been treated to countless cups of tea where the aim was just to meet the person behind the picture or voice on Teams. We were even invited to speak at an Internal Conference where more than 100 people were in attendance. The theme was “Change Starts with Me” and we presented our data strategy and the importance of data in our everyday jobs. The reception of our presentation was positive, and it was great to see the ah-ha moments etched on people’s faces when they realized just how close to home the subject of data is…

I don’t have a pic of the conference in full swing. This was before the arrival of the masses.

Marlene: On the 3rd of May I had a PoPIA Training session with The Source PR Team which was most enjoyable. We interacted with a questionnaire after the session via Menti and all the participants had positive feedback.

Our second session was to take place mid-May but unfortunately, the coordinator of the training session was unexpectedly unavailable on the day, so the training will take place in the beginning of June again.

We made good progress on the PrivIQ instance for Cartology until Robyn’s sister passed away suddenly; I am waiting for her to return to work.

Moira: We have been busy with the Marketing meetings and the Email and Vlog Campaigns as well as updating the Zoho Prospects and Proposals.

On the personal side: I finished Riaan Manster’s book ‘Around Africa on a Bicycle” – very interesting ... am I likely to do that – no! Now reading A Gentleman in Moscow which is incredibly well written with the use of the English language at its best.

Hiking has taken a back seat with the weather, although we did manage to do Snake Alley at Berg River – fortunately, the name has not yet lived up to its title!

And Kalk Bay peak last Saturday – found this beauty, the proteas are certainly out this year.

MJ: My news...I'm enjoying the sessions with a client on the use of Microsoft 365 and in preparing for the sessions, I'm learning. I'm still chipping away at renewing the VizPro Body of Information and am still in awe of this great work by Michélle. And I'm learning to use ChatGPT to design the ChangeMaker course. I'm using the guide that Annelize provided to the YGV villagers, and it works!

Abby: May started with a bang as we held two online events, both with great guest presenters and truly very interesting & insightful. We have continued to put together some video content - feel free to check out our Youtube channel. I have also attended a couple of sessions with Michelle as she shares her takeaways from a recent Growth Marketing course she did. On a personal note, I celebrated one of my best friends this past weekend as we approach the 3-week mark to her upcoming wedding. Excited is an understatement :)

Dr M: So, I arrived in a cold, rainy and windy Netherlands and spent the first two weeks of May looking to firm up the requirements for my visa, one of them being finding a suitable apartment. Project Visa-secure has successfully concluded and Project Apartment is in the process of going to plan. Project Moonboot is officially closed as of 20 May and I am extremely grateful to have recovered so well after breaking a bone in my foot. Business has been challenging, as we know, and it was a month of difficult decisions, but they are made, and we move forward. I am grateful to my fellow shareholders, our loyal team, and the fact that we remain in play to continue making a difference.

Ingrid: The CURA project is an absolute nightmare. Carina is really helping me not go mad but it's draining and exhausting. Otherwise, all is good with GCO. I have coded the changes to the Dynamic Risk Assessment, and it is currently being tested by GCO.

Tanya: In May we had a couple of birthday celebrations between family and friends.

My parents are enjoying the life with camping for 10 months of the year, so they quickly came back from Mosselbay to surprise us with a visit which was nice to see them.

From the Petanque finance desk, it was a busy month doing estimates, etc.

From my business, we have a very happy NPO with budgets and setups we did for their new financial year.

Carina: Last month I described April as insane. As for May, it was even crazier.

I am not complaining, though. The general tempo of life and work picked up, and this can only result in good sales and outcomes for PNXT before the last quarter of the year.

It feels surreal that we are halfway through 2023 again.

The Sanlam CURA project is still a big part of work life, and slowly gaining traction.

Wintertime is not my favourite time of the year, and I am thankful to be able to stay in the beautiful Bushveld with pleasant sunny winter temperatures. The sun helps for a more positive and energetic vibe. 😊

I can report that I am still sticking to my habit to write down 2 things I am grateful for each day. I started exercising every weekday, even if it is only 30 minutes, and I am proud that I am disciplined enough to keep to my schedule.

I am super grateful for my job, and my amazing and brilliant colleagues that I can always count on for support and assistance.

Peeping into June:

Before Caesar’s rise to power, the calendar spanned only 10 months, June being the fourth month. The calendar we follow today was first established in 46 BC, bumping June forward a couple of spots…bet you didn’t know that!

June 1: Your choice: Dare Day, Flip a Coin Day, International Dinosaur Day,

June 4: Hug Your Cat Day,

June 5: World Environment Day

First Friday in June - National Doughnut Day

Closest weekday to June 2 - National Leave the Office Early Day

On June 16 each year, South Africans celebrate Youth Day.

June marks the start of the whale migration along the Cape coast, reason enough to head to Hermanus to watch the whales' arrival ... come on, what are we waiting for..?

Cape weather in June is unpredictable - While this is the rainiest month in the Western Cape, Johannesburg and the northern game parks receive almost no rainfall in June. However, frosty nights and cold mornings can surprise visitors to the high veld!

Look out for our next edition coming up at the end of August!

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