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The world nowadays changes so rapidly that the business environment can be compared to the ocean and your business to a yacht sailing on this ocean. 


We use this metaphor in describing our services and how we help you and your team to develop the strategies, systems and processes needed to manage this ever-changing business environment.

The first step in adapting to this changing ocean of business is to determine where in your business change is needed. To do this, we conduct a Business X-Ray.

In a 90-minute session, we unpack the components of your business that add value to your customer, identify the components with the most friction and then prioritize the processes in which the greatest opportunities exist.

We use this Business X-Ray [think of it as a GPS] to guide you on the change voyage...

The Pétanque NXT GPS
Process Graphic
Smooth sailing


Achieve success quickly [30% ROI in 90 days]


Create laser focus

        - Know your quick wins & highest value opportunities

        - Removing complexity [saving time]


Get clarity on roles & responsibilities

Find gaps in business operations

Identify strategic bottlenecks 

Get clear on the processes you need

Share your vision with the team

Explore benefits
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International award-winning methodology


Proven track record of making change stick


Human friendly pictographic approach

Petanque NXT Clients

What our clients say

"The thing that I loved about this training is that it helped me to critically look at certain tasks and certain things that we do and see the loopholes that we have."


To get full sail ahead, why not deploy our business diagnostic & get your GPS for change now?

Let’s chat...this will be the best 25-minutes you invest in today.

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ChangeMakers: Delivering Change | Making Change Stick through Process, People & Technology

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